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Sprinkling or Raining??? This Is Toooo Cute!

Is it sprinkling or raining?  Doesn't appear the "argument" ever get solves, but this sure is fun to watch! YouTube Video posted and shared by Tara Willmott. Image Courtesy of Digitalart at  

Apollos Hester… Watch His Video! Attitude Is Everything! WOW!

A super great attitude is exemplified by Apollos in this interview. Attitude is everything.  Right!  Right on!  You're going to know you can do anything after watching this! Truly believe you're going to be successful. All the hard work is going to pay off. Never give up on your dreams You can do anything you [...]

Just Do It, Mr. Penguin! Really Cute Video!

The penguin in this video demonstrates (unintentionally) how most of us have felt at certain times. There's something we really want to do, but we're just wary about giving it a try. (Will he dive, or not?  Fun to watch.  Watch it all!) [jwplayer player="1" mediaid="6521"] Do you have a new venture you're thinking about trying? [...]

Cat Saves Boy…Love This Cat! (Video)

Cat Saves Boy

I have a newly-found adoration for cats, after seeing this one.  Must watch if you haven't seen.  Cat saves boy... 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo... really!  Her name is Tara. Just had to share.  I can watch this over and over. I believe her official Facebook Fanpage is located here, if you want to become a fan and stay [...]