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Detriot “Refugee” Makes It Big Online

(Be Sure To Click The Orange Button When You Get There For More Details.) Mark spent his entire career in the automotive industry, until one day management walked in and said, “That’s it. We’re done.” Poof.  They closed their doors, and just like that Mark was out of a job! Lacking confidence in his technical skills, he had [...]

Great (Easy) Tip To Keep Your Notebook Computer From Overheating!

My backup computer was driving me crazy because it kept shutting down.  I could tell that it was hot, so decided to Google for a solution. Found this on YouTube... something I never thought to do... and wanted to share. I'm really hopeful it's going to help!   Hope you find this useful.  :)   [...]

Effective Ways to Use Freebies to Generate Sales

This video explains how giving away things for free can help you to get more visitors, followers, and sales.  (Turn on your speakers.)     If you’d like information on a done-for-you business system, which includes a phone sales team ready to go to work for you, Click Here.               [...]

How to Promote Your Website or Blog on Twitter

This video teaches internet marketers how to use Twitter to get more traffic and subscribers to your website or blog, by setting up a profile, finding popular conversations, and responding with a link.  (Turn on your speakers.)           Previous Video        

Using YouTube for Online Marketing

This video will teach you how to create quick and easy YouTube videos and post them on YouTube to generate more web visitors, subscribers, and make more money online.  (Turn on your speakers.)     Next Video...  Promote Your Website or Blog on Twitter Previous Video        

12 Essential Plugins for a Money-Making WordPress Website

If you’re interested in making money online, this 5-minute video will show you 12 incredible plug-ins you can use with WordPress to create an effective, sharable, and safe website.  (Turn on your speakers.)          Next Video...  Using YouTube For Online Marketing   Previous Video        

WordPress: The Easiest Way to Set Up a Money-Making Website

In this video (6-min.), you're going to learn how to easily create a website using a free software called WordPress, that has truly changed the way that websites are made.  (Turn on your speakers.)   Get WordPress   Next Video...  12 Essential Plugins for a Money-Making WordPress Website   Previous Video