Cat Saves Boy…Love This Cat! (Video)

I have a newly-found adoration for cats, after seeing this one.  Must watch if you haven’t seen.  Cat saves boy… 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo… really!  Her name is Tara.

Cat Saves Boy

Just had to share.  I can watch this over and over.

I believe her official Facebook Fanpage is located here, if you want to become a fan and stay updated on this amazing kitty!

And how about this…

Tara has been invited to throw out the first pitch for a local minor league game in Bakerfield, California, next Tuesday.  The Bakerfield Blaze invited the kitty hero (along with little Jeremy and the family, of course) to help get the game started.   Might be interesting to see how she does that!

Cat Saves Boy

Image courtesy Of AKARAKINGDOMS/